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I read because I need to fill the space in my heart. I normally read Romance, Love Stories the heartfelt and touching ones ♥ not the Erotica.

One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying - Karen  M. McManus Amazing amazing book...!!! A complete page turner. Great plot and astonishing ending!


Transcendence - Shay Savage DNF. Will try some other time

Bang (Black Lotus #1) (The Black Lotus Series)

Bang (Black Lotus #1) (The Black Lotus Series) - E.K. Blair 5 Stars.
Good one.. fast paced but wayyy too much .....
I mean at some point I was like don't these characters, specially Nina gets tired? Overall, it was catchy and a good one.


If - Nina G. Jones 3.5Stars
May be a person with the extreme love of art will like it better. Story was just common and predictable. Okayish.

Silent Child

Silent Child - Sarah A. Denzil 5 Stars
Amazing book! Damn captivating and great story line. Felt really bad for Aiden and Emma. Finished within 48 hours despite being a busy mom with a limited reading time. This book was such a page turner. Just one thing i couldn't get clearly was the reason that "spoiler" abducted Aiden.? 😑 if someone has read do discuss 😊
Worth a read.

Into the Water: A Novel (Random House Large Print)

Into the Water: A Novel (Random House Large Print) - Paula Hawkins 4 Stars
Quite boring in the beginning but picks up the pace towards the end. Was a good suspense. Not as good as her first book TGOTT.

If I Wake

If I Wake - Nikki Moyes Its the first time I have read a book about Time travelling Which apparently i didn't realise until half of the book was read. I didn't know if i ll like it or not but i pretty much enjoyed reading it. It was an utter page turner and kept me hooked throughout the book. I felt bad for Lucy at many points and i HATED her mom. Must read if you're interested in the genre.

By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead - Julie Anne Peters, C.J. Bott Good thought provoking book! Finished it in one sitting, like literally one sitting. A great social message against bullying. Felt really bad for both Daelyn and Santana but I think it finished too . I wanted to read some more!

Holding Up the Universe

Holding Up the Universe - Jennifer Niven A good book with a nice social message. Jack is cuteee <3

November Nine: A Novel

November Nine: A Novel - Colleen Hoover 4.5 Stars

An amazing read. Read it within 3 days and loved it !
Would highly recommend it.


Angelfall  - Susan Ee Very intriguing, easy to read an interesting. Need to read the next book now!

The Dark Light of Day

The Dark Light of Day - T.M. Frazier 4.5 Stars
That was a pretty good book but i times i thought Abby could have been less foolish like keeping things from everyone and getting further in trouble. overall i liked the story and i LOVED Jake. but i think we could have got to know some more about Jake's side of story, his struggle, his work etc.
Kept me hooked throughout the story so that's a plus point!

He Will be My Ruin

He Will be My Ruin - K.A. Tucker, Kate Rudd, Joy Osmanski Good enough to make me keep reading.

A Touch Of Lust

A Touch Of Lust - Michelle Horst, The Word Wench Editing Services WOAAHH...
5 Beautiful Stars.
Once again Michelle Horst has done an amazing job writing this book. The characters were very well built and the story line was quite gripping. It was a complete sit-on-the-edge-keep-turning-pages-book. I was having great expectation from this one and yes, i wasn't disappointed at all. I personally like the Forbidden-Love kind of stories. I was thoroughly connected with Mila and Liam throughout the story as it unfolds in a very captivating manner. Finished it in one sitting and loved it pretty much. Recommended to all theromance lovers !

We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart Woahhhh that was one amazing read..! The twist was simply breathtaking and i guessed it almost two chapters before it came! but still it was really unexpected and mind blowing! It made me cry ugly tears. After a long time, i guess its the first book after Me Before You that made me cry. Like real-teary-eyes-sobby-cry! Highly recommended. An easy read with a gripping plot.

Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas Far better than Throne of Glass. Was a bit slow in the beginning but then the pace picked up sooo drastically that i was stunned. It kept on the edge of my seat. Intriguing and full of twists. An utter page turner! Lovedddddd CHAOL <3 my new book boyfriend. Moving to book three, i hope the pace continues as i hardly read loooong series, just because they get dragged in between books. So i am hoping that doesn't happen in this series. Looking forward to read the complete series!

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