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I read because I need to fill the space in my heart. I normally read Romance, Love Stories the heartfelt and touching ones ♥ not the Erotica.

Fall Back Skyward

Fall Back Skyward - Autumn Grey "You make me feel safe.
You make me a better person.
You silently entered my life, swept me off my feet and I fell truly and madly in love wth you.
I want nothing more than to fall back skyward with you."

Wow...What an emotional roller coaster.! I am soooo glad i read this book OMG i loved it i loved it i loved.
Okay okay..i have to stop babbling. But.... this is one the most beautiful books I've read so far.
Some one said, if you loved Archer's Voice you'll love this one too and boy I LOVED ARCHER'S VOICE and pleaseee no compromise with that book ! But this book....it truly justified the statement. !!!
I did love this book.

First of all, the Blurb.. Wow what an intriguing blurb it is that you just can't stay away from reading this book. And throughout the book i was right at the edge of my seat.

This book
Wrecked Me
Broke Me
Mended Me

This story of Cole & Eleanor is a heart wrenching story about second chances. Second chances after years had passed, with demons of their past capturing their lives.
This book is full of emotions, tears, angst and LOVE !!
I was totally engulfed in this story. it made my heart ache for Cole & Nor. OMG you're gonna cry ugly tears, you've been warned !! HAHA but you'll love it i bet :)

Highly recommended

Love Reflection (Entwined Hearts #1)

Love Reflection (Entwined Hearts #1) - Maria Macdonald This is a beautiful and gripping story about four friends Pea, Con, Sophie and Saul who grow up together through all good and bad. Their bond is so strong and loving.
The main characters of the story are Pea and Con.
This was a loving story and as a debut novel, the author has done a wonderful job in portraying the emotions of friendship, love, loyalty and secrets.
I pretty much liked the story overall. Can't wait to read the next book in this series.


Havoc - Autumn Grey 5 HOT HOT STARS

First of all PARIS....!!! The only place i wish to visit once in my lifetime!
I was very much interested to read this book when i came to know that its set in Paris.
I was hooked upon it from the very first page. This book is a complete package I mean really a complete compact powerful package of Romance, Steamy chemistry, mystery, a dashing dirty mouth hero and a strong heroine with all those emotions weaving through.

Remington...!!! Oh that hot hot man ! I couldn't get enough of him.
"Never trust a man when he says he just wants to kiss you."

"If one little dimple drives you insane, wait until you see the second one."

While Selene was a perfect character to match up with this smartass guy.. I liked how the author has introduced Selene as a curvy woman when all the stories around always have those sexy, slim. smart heroines which just sound unfair to me :( I needed that inspiration at the time haha. :p

What a passionate chemistry they both had. The ending is a minor cliff but it didn't bother me because i had all three books on my shelf and all the time in the world to read !

Amazing book, intriguing story and a GOOD MAN TO DROOL OVER ;p

Hard: A Step-Brother Romance

Hard: A Step-Brother Romance - Sosie Frost It was a great book. It had all the elements a good book should have, the story was well set, emotions were nicely weaved into words. The characters were great and i pretty much liked reading them. I loved the chemistry and relation between them. It was sassy, hot, erotic and heart breaking at the same time.
Overall i enjoyed reading it.


Chloe - Michelle Horst Woah.... Another book that i managed to read this year despite my tough tough routine, and that's just because the grip of this story on me..! I was totallllyyyy in love with Chloe. I had met Chloe last year in the book Wake Me Up by Michelle Horst and I loved to read more of her.. Amazing story, perfect page turner.. Michelle is one of my top fav authors <3

Learning to Live

Learning to Live - Kira Adams It was such a beautiful book. So easy to read on, i finished it in one and it made me she some real ugly tears.
This book has the potential to just reach you right into your soul, shatter you into pieces. This book was heart-breakingly beautiful.
The character of Topher was so well built, it was tough not to fall in love with him.. Well who didn't want to fall in love with Topher :P
I loved the character of Ciera as well. Completely complimenting the story line and I felt so bad for her :(

Overall it was a great book. A real tearjerker.. Can't wait for more of Topher :)

Crushed (A Redemption Novel)

Crushed (A Redemption Novel) - Lauren Layne

My Review:
5 Heart-breakingly Beautiful Stars

This book was just as good as the first one in Redemption series, "Broken." I became a fan of Lauren Layne's writing right after i finished Broken, and that's the reason i couldn't resist to read this new book in this series.
It was a breathtakingly beautiful read. The emotions incited in this book were so genuine and touching that they just shattered me.
This book kept me up till 5a.m, it made me laugh and it made me cry like a kid. This book was complete package. I like the subject and the chemistry between the characters.

The story is about broken and disturbed guy Michael St. Claire, been through the agony of identity crisis when he learnt that his real father is not the one who has brought him up for 24 years.
There he leaves for Cedar Grove, Texas, to find out about his Biological Father where he meets Kristin, a stylish, smart, all 'look but don't touch' type, who loves to move men around her finger, who's unfortunately dating Michael's half-brother. And her sister Chloe, a curvy, overweight, all-time-eater with a great sense of humor who secretly admires Michael's half-brother too. Twisted right? But this is a book you need to read...!
You need to see their journey of realizations, redemption and reaching their goals.

I loved the character of Chloe a lot. I mean i totally loved her. More than Michael. He was such a loser at some points, can't even fight for himself but still he was right in all his way..!

I loved the ending too much. The author did the best way to end this story. This book was a complete page turner, kept me hooked right from first page. ! Beautiful just beautiful...

This is a standalone but the character from Book 1 have some appearance and role to play. This is a must read.
Highly recommended.

Cruel Boundaries

Cruel Boundaries - Michelle Horst I am sitting here, thinking what to write in review for this book.. Yes, THIS book.
I am clueless, I am speechless I don't think any words can do a justice to THIS phenomenal book.
Can we give a 10+ Stars? IT IS A 10+ STAR READ

[a:Michelle Horst|5242987|Michelle Horst|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1425537864p2/5242987.jpg] has once again done an amazing job in this Genre, Dark Romance. I mean she has completely nailed it. It was so dark, so raw, so gritty yet sensational that I am still dazed by this book and the emotions enfolded in those pages. The impact this book created around me was so strong that every time i opened it, I was totally engulfed into it, being a stranger to the world around me.

The story starts with Amy and Noah, who are cousins, but always fight like cats and dogs. They have this unreasonable rivalry between them since childhood.

Amy is the 'Angel' to her Dad, always protected and pampered, her parents' only child.

Noah is the young, smart, charming guy who is self-dependent and on the top of every girl's wishlist.

But Noah is an adopted kid, and Amy uses this as a weapon against him, never missing a single chance to taunt him while Noah tries every possible way to give her back right into her face. But their relation is cute and loveable for me :)

One day Amy is forced to move with Noah in another city for her studies which is too tough for her as she hates Noah, well the feeling is mutual from Noah's side as well. But something strange happens during her stay at Noah's apartment which is too dark and raw. Amy is threatened to be killed......
"I actually took a leap of faith and he threw it back in my face! I will never go to Noah for anything. I’m done with hoping there could be more than hate between us."


download (1)

So without giving too much away I just want to wind up this review, though i have a lot of things to say. This book is so full of emotions, its a complete roller coaster if sentiments. One moment you're in awe, the other you are on the edge of your seat, but you'll not be able to put the book down.

It was such a page-turner i just couldn't resist to devour it all in one day. Amy and Noah's relationship was very unique and strong.



All the books by Michelle Horst that I've read so far have this quality that they are so 'to the point' and interesting, keeping the pace normal and making it a complete page-turner. She avoids including unnecessary descriptions, character appearances and adding senseless details just to add pages to the book. (But when she adds character, you'll be thrilled) Okay Okay i'm not spoiling :)

Her books are very concise and the selective words woven into emotions is just beyond perfection. This woman is truly gifted.

Loved this book beyond the words can express. Its one of my All Time Top Favorite.

Highly Recommended to all those weirdos like me, who love DARK BOOKS.
Purchase Link:

Book 1, [b:Dark Boundaries|25167854|Dark Boundaries|Michelle Horst|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1426686164s/25167854.jpg|44085998] is recommended to be read before this to avoid spoilers, which is currently on SALE for $0.99 through 5th August,2015.
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Twenty One

Twenty One - E.S. Carter This is one of those stories that stay with you for a long time.
I mean wow.... There couldn't be a better sequel to Nineteen. I love how the story built and how the author managed to continue this series without making it even a bit boring or lengthy.. .I honestly Loved Nineteen, and i loved Twenty One even more.
ES Carter has undoubtedly done an amazing job once again by bringing these lovely characters to life.
I really loved this book. The characters and their relationships are very well defined in this book and make them feel more real to us. specially I loved the character of H..
I am not fond of giving away story in my reviews so you should grab this book to know where ES Carter lead us with this heart touching story...
oh i loved it sooo much

Twenty One

Twenty One - E.S. Carter This is one of those stories that stay with you for a long time.
I mean wow.... There couldn't be a better sequel to Nineteen. I love how the story built and how the author managed to continue this series without making it even a bit boring or lengthy.. .I honestly Loved Nineteen, and i loved Twenty One even more.
ES Carter has undoubtedly done an amazing job once again by bringing these lovely characters to life.
I really loved this book. The characters and their relationships are very well defined in this book and make them feel more real to us. specially I loved the character of H..
I am not fond of giving away story in my reviews so you should grab this book to know where ES Carter lead us with this heart touching story...
oh i loved it sooo much

Vampire Vacation

Vampire Vacation - C.J. Ellisson This was my first book by C J Ellison and I pretty much enjoyed it... I don't read paranormal very often. I usualy read it randomly for a change. But this book was far better than just a good read. Very interesting and such a page -turner.

Max Colton's Road to Wonderland (Road to Wonderland #4)

Max Colton's Road to Wonderland (Road to Wonderland #4) - H.A. Robinson, L.J. Stock, Victoria L. James 4.5 STARS

I am glad I got my hands on this book. This is the fourth book in Road to Wonderland series. I have read two of them and after reading this book i am gonna read the others as well.

These ladies are amazing i mean once again they have nailed it..! The Road to Wonderland series is just completely amazing. Author H. A. Robinson has done an amazing job in writing the story of Max Colton.
He is such a lovable character that I am completely in love with him.

The story starts when Max Colton is eleven years old and shows the journey of his life. He is such a genuine person but unfortunately always misunderstood.

"I know my stupid speech is offensive to people; that's why nobody likes me. Not even the teachers want to hear my voice. So I won't force it on them, not anymore. If I'm quiet, they won't notice me, right? If I don't say anything, they can't find fault.

His father is a strict and cold man who makes Max's life a suffocating and terrible mess every moment available.
He is also mistaken and mistreated by his teachers which is so heart-breaking. Yet he grows up to be such a fine gentleman, with a kind and forgiving heart. His journey of life is so commendable and remarkable that you'll find it difficult not falling in love with Max Colton.

This story is very beautifully written, words weaved together in a beautiful masterpiece. You'll not be disappointed with this book a bit. It will touch your heart, make you cry and also laugh your heart out. This book was a complete package for your reading obsession.
Must Read it. :)

The Summer Remains

The Summer Remains - Seth King THIS.BOOK.SHATTERED.ME...!!
I mean simply unbelievable... i can't even find any words to review it. This book doesn't even need a review... just get into this book and it will completely rip your heart and soul out of you..! Too good.
and The Dedication...haahhh..The dedication was so heart touching...just can't bear it.!

Make Me Believe

Make Me Believe - Karen Ferry 4.5 Sweet Geeky Stars

It was such a beautiful read. A sweet, romantic and strong book that keeps you engulfed completely in the story. The kick-ass sassy Emma with tattoos and piercings, having one night stands with no strings attached, running from the demons of her past, meet Daniel the sweet yet hot Geeky guy.

He somehow convinces Emma to be his tutor and in return agrees to be her fake boyfriend. But the fate has made some other choices for them.
The story was quite different and unique. Even the characters were also very different from what I have been reading nowadays.

Daniel was far more different from the typical Angry-alpha-bossy-fighters. He was a sweet yet HOT HOT HOT Geeky guy. I LOVED HIM !!
I loved Emma's character as well.. The strong independent girl she is, i just loved her whole heartedly !

Amazing book. Full of love, life, emotions and intensity that will keep you stick to your Ereader !

Forever Kinda Love

Forever Kinda Love - Priya Kanaparti, Clara Stone 4 Forever Kinda Stars

I received this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

It was a lovely book, I enjoyed it so much. It is a beautiful story about two childhood friends turning into something more beautiful than just friends. I loved the characters in this book. Heath and Ace really good friends. Always looking out for each other. Health was always there for Ace whether she needed him or not. As the story progresses, their relation becomes more strong. Health looked after Ace and protected her until something happens to Ace that he just couldn't protect her from.

“I know she’s my forever kinda of love, because she’s the light in my darkness, giving me the strength to never give up.”

This story is about true love. It was so breath taking and heart shattering I Loved it. It was through those times that I felt like I was there, watching how their story unfold.

"Sometimes, you meet a person and you just click. You’re comfortable with them, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone, or anything, that you’re not. ”

It was a complete roller coaster of emotions, kept me hooked in throughout the story and I just kept turning pages. Commendable story-line, fantastic characters.

Recommended to Everyone

Perfect Dreams

Perfect Dreams - Marsha Greene I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book was far more appreciative than i thought it would be. To be honest at first the cover didn't inspire me much to read it, (i am a reviewer i must be honest, no offense to the author.I hope it helps her in future) The cover was not worthy of this amazing book. The story was a complete roller coaster of emotions. Very well-written and the story was very well executed.

I liked the character of Julia very much. She was simple, beautiful and soft. She was portrayed vulnerable but her character was very strong. She is a glass artist and has faced a lot in her life.

Andrew, an ex-navy seal is an amazing, alpha male with a wild and dirty mouth.
Julia wants to confine herself in someone strong & reliable and thats what she finds in Andrew. They start falling for each other but soon they start realizing that they are connected already.

The story was full of surprises, twists and turns, keeping you on the edge of your seat, forcing you to keep turning the pages.
Nice effort by the author.

Highly recommended.

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