Beneath the Layers

Beneath the Layers - Mia Rivers 4 Passionate stars
(Ecopy provided by author in exchange for an honest review and it is an honest one)
I pretty much liked the book. It was passionate and emotional. I personally dig for new authors and I love reading them. This was a debut novel by Mia Rivers and she did quite a great job !

It felt a bit slow in the beginning but then it picked up gradually and overall kept me hooked. I love Nick's character in this book but Tara's character didn't work well for me. I think she needed to be more strong, more independent and a decision maker.

As the story unfolds, we get to know that Tara has a secret and you need to read this book to know her secret, it took me everything to stop myself from searching out the secret in this book first, it was such a page turner. Due to this secret she is forced to live with her stupid boyfriend. Further I'll leave it for you to read and find out yourselves.

Nick is Tara's boss. He is sooo HOT and handsome and loving !! *swoon*
"My grandfather taught me to never let someone fuck with what’s mine. That’s exactly what Tara was. Mine.
From the moment my name escaped her beautiful lips while I was buried deep inside her, I knew for certain, it wouldn’t be any other way. And I always took care of what belonged to me."

"I wanted her, craved her, and after getting a taste, I owned her. But love her? That wasn’t allowed. I vowed to never love a woman again for as long as I lived."

The Ending.........!! Zooompp..!!
The twist was mind-blowing, didn't see that coming. I'll be damn waiting for the next book. I hope it comes out soon, can't wait to see what happens next !

"If there’s anything I knew better than the law, it was how to read a woman. And I could tell from the moment we shook hands, I could effortlessly wrap this one around my finger."