Undying Affinity

Undying Affinity - Sara Naveed 5 UNDYING STARS

This was a beautiful book. It was really well-written and the character sketches were also quite perfect and close to life. I have seen such people, i have been around them.

This book managed to build a special connection with my heart because throughout the time my feelings were, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
Apparently, this book will stay with me for a long time.

One of the reasons of loving this book was that it is written by a Pakistani writer, a writer that belongs to my own country, there was a feel of ownership and pride.(that doesn't effect my review at all, no biasing) Sara Naveed has, undoubtedly, done an excellent job.

The story was plotted perfectly, with appropriate amount of emotions, humor and feelings. The book felt so close to reality that i could feel the emotions, the tension moving around in the book.
And yes This Book Made Me Cry !! So it earns some extra points :)

Zarish Munawwar, a spoiled brat, only daughter of a rich family. She gets everything she wants. Boys just can't ignore or reject her.And she knows that. She is arrogant and proud. She is the princess in her world. But you can't stay a princess forever, because sometimes you fall in Love!

Ahmar Muraad, a young, handsome, charming professor in Zarish's University. Ahmar's personality was described well enough to fall in love with him, in just two pages :)

The story builds up gradually, a bit slow in the beginning but the pace and curiosity increases with every turning page and it's just impossible to put the book down. The chemistry between Zarish and Ahmar starts growing with the passage of time and with Zarish's efforts to win his heart.

"What do you tell your family when I drop you home?"
"Nothing special." She bit her lower lip."Just that a friend of mine dropped me home."
"Am I your friend?" He sounded amusing to her.
"Make that clear to yourself first. Are you my friend or just my tutor?"she asked frankly.
"Don't cross question me."
"Well..I am not. I just wanted to know what you feel, because it doesn't really matter what I feel anyway."
"Well, it does matter Zarish. You just won't understand."
"Then make me understand."
"This is not the right time."
"Why not?"
"Because you're sleepy."

There is good and bad side to every human being's personality as nobody is born perfect. Zarish had imperfections too but even I have my own. If some of her bad qualities are improved and well advised, she can become a better person. Maybe I can help her in this process. But...there is no chance that I can let myself get close to her.


The book was beautifully written. it felt like the author has poured her heart out through words.

"Don't you ever cry, Miss Zarish," he said in a strict but mild tone. "I would rather die than see tears in your eyes."

The ending was really appreciative, exactly how I wanted it to end. This book touched my heart in more than one ways and I am glad I got my hands on it.It was a complete tearjerker, it just captured my heart.

"I know you can't complain about this..."She paused. "Because.. I trust you."She looked into his eyes.
He felt a strange feeling when she said that she trusted him. He could see something tantalizing in her eyes. Something unusual. Something dark and unknown. An unspoken emotion.

The book was very heart-warming. Highly recommended to everyone.