Without Mercy

Without Mercy - Victoria L. James, L.J. Stock I had been waiting for this book for like Ages....!! And fortunately I wasn't disappointed at all..

I just don't know how to review this book. I have so many emotions taken over me after finishing this book. The authors Victoria James and L J Stock have once again done a great job in constructing this world of Drew, Ayda, Tate and the evil forces surrounding them.

Starting right where Without Consequence left off, Drew has one single motive to protect what's his! He wants to tell his enemies that they can't hurt what's his. They can't hurt Ayda. If they did, they'll die.

While Ayda is still adjusting in the world where Drew and his MC gang brothers belong. It's not a beautiful life for her, not a typical happily ever after. She is still judging her position and how her choices effect Tate. Tate is her younger brother and she had always been the sensitive, caring single-mother for him. So she doesn't want her kid brother to be too much involved in this MC life and leave his college, career aside.
Ayda's personality in this book has been more strong and groomed according to me.

Mostly series don't appeal me very much because they sometimes drag out and the story is just lengthened out..but this one was not like that.. The story wast strong, and fast paced. The authors managed to take the story to a new high peak of terror, emotions, angst, feelings and action in the second book as well. And yes there was that perfect amount of Romance element i love. :)

The writing was so impressive that I felt like I am present there in Drew and Ayda's World. Witnessing everything myself. This book had me on the edge of my seat throughout the time. And i couldn't stop turning pages. yeah I finished it in like 1 and a half day :P

I am always glad to read Victoria James and L J Stock's books. Thankfully, it was provided for an honest review by the author <3<br/>Thanks a lot.
I Recommend this series to every one.
Book one: [b:Without Consequence|23512238|Without Consequence (Babylon, #1)|Victoria L. James|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1417774086s/23512238.jpg|43115574]
Book two: [b:Without Mercy|24817348|Without Mercy (Babylon, #2)|Victoria L. James|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1429267802s/24817348.jpg|44458001]