Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland

Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland - L.J. Stock Okay. First of all it was a brilliant book.

Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland is the 3rd book in The Road to Wonderland series. I haven't read the first two books so i was meeting all these characters for the first time. I really liked the character of Ethan Walker and loved to read his story.
The story starts with a tragic point but it goes in a great dimension explaining the events of Ethan Walker's life. It was an amazing story. I felt bad for him. I cried for him. Well on that i must say L.J Stock has written the story beautifully capturing all the adequate emotions in stating the entire journey of Ethan from being a free young teenager to becoming a responsible person.
I felt it was a bit slow in the beginning but then it picked up quite tremendously proving to be a page-turner.
Recommended to Everyone.

(Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review,and it was an honest one)