Max Colton's Road to Wonderland (Road to Wonderland #4)

Max Colton's Road to Wonderland (Road to Wonderland #4) - H.A. Robinson, L.J. Stock, Victoria L. James 4.5 STARS

I am glad I got my hands on this book. This is the fourth book in Road to Wonderland series. I have read two of them and after reading this book i am gonna read the others as well.

These ladies are amazing i mean once again they have nailed it..! The Road to Wonderland series is just completely amazing. Author H. A. Robinson has done an amazing job in writing the story of Max Colton.
He is such a lovable character that I am completely in love with him.

The story starts when Max Colton is eleven years old and shows the journey of his life. He is such a genuine person but unfortunately always misunderstood.

"I know my stupid speech is offensive to people; that's why nobody likes me. Not even the teachers want to hear my voice. So I won't force it on them, not anymore. If I'm quiet, they won't notice me, right? If I don't say anything, they can't find fault.

His father is a strict and cold man who makes Max's life a suffocating and terrible mess every moment available.
He is also mistaken and mistreated by his teachers which is so heart-breaking. Yet he grows up to be such a fine gentleman, with a kind and forgiving heart. His journey of life is so commendable and remarkable that you'll find it difficult not falling in love with Max Colton.

This story is very beautifully written, words weaved together in a beautiful masterpiece. You'll not be disappointed with this book a bit. It will touch your heart, make you cry and also laugh your heart out. This book was a complete package for your reading obsession.
Must Read it. :)