Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand - Michelle Horst 5 Strong Imprinting Stars

This was yet another great book by Michelle Horst. One of my favorites of this year!
The story was very beautiful and so captivating i finished it in one night and 2 hours of the day ! I mean i just couldn't put it down for a moment.


It was so touching and so beautiful, a roller coaster of emotions. It made me cry it touched my heart. But it didn't leave me shattered! It soothed me.. my heart.
A very simple, sweet yet heart-breaking love story!

This tale is about Lacey and Seth. About their journey, about what they face in this cruel world.
It broke my heart for what Lacey faces and how she struggles when people bully her, when they make her weak. How she manages to move on and how Seth is not by her side but still with her!


They both loved each other a lot but fate has some other decisions for them to make, some misunderstandings and some brutality of the World forces them to be apart and Seth becomes her worst nightmare. Will they give their love a second chance? Will she ever be able to face her worst nightmare?
May be sometimes second chances are worth taking, or sometimes not.
Read out to catch up on Lacey and Seth's story!


No doubt this author has some amazing writing skills. She keeps you gripped in her story so much that you just can't move away. I am in love with this author.

Highly Recommended.