Review- A Different Blue.

A Different Blue - Amy Harmon

This story is just as unique as the name of Blue Echohawk :)

a very heartfelt, strong and captivating story.

A Straight 5+ Stars <3


"What We believe affects our World in a very real way. What we believe affects our choices, our actions, and subsequently our lives."


I completely hooked up to the story. How it feels when you know nothing about your past, your mother or father, not even their names.


"Once upon a time.....there was a little blackbird, pushed from the nest. Unwanted. Discarded."


I felt really bad for Blue. I adore this book.


"We all feel like nobody. But i think it's the self-awareness that actually makes us Somebody. And you are definitely somebody, Blue. You may not be a work of art, but you definitely are a piece of work."