Review: God-Shaped Hole

God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie DeBartolo


What a beautiful read it was..!! HUHH... awesome. simply awesome. It was sooo emotional so captivating. It kept me up all night long and i finished it at 5a.m. Now that proves IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE BOOK!!

Jacob and Trixie meet by an ad, Yes, a newspaper ad. Jacob publishes it, and Trixie answers it.

If your intentions are pure,
I'm seeking a friend
for the end
of the world

These are the words of the Ad, and when a book starts with such a paragraph, then....You know it is worth it !!

“It’s easy to plant a seed and sprinkle it with water, but once the sun scorches the ground, and the earth soaks up all the moisture, you’re left with nothing but a thirsty little flower trying desperately to make it out of the dirt.”

“And no matter what anybody says about grief, and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken.”

The writer has, no doubt, done an incredible job. It is recommended to everyone who needs a great read with loads of emotion along. It made me cry real bad. I was touched. It was worth a read.

“You wanna know how to make God laugh?”
“Tell him your plans.”

This is a Sad book, this is a depressing book, this is a heart-wrenching book, but don't let these remarks make you give up on this book. It is beautifully-paifully-heart breaking kind of book. You'll love it for sure. !

"A soul never truly loses hope until hope has turned to ashes, or has been buried six feet underground.”

AAH I loved it.