Review: Sound of Sirens

Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) - Jen Minkman

(I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review)

Sound of Sirens was a different and unique story. It was my first experience of reading a book about mythology creatures and all, and i found it really interesting. I felt that the Author Jen Minkman has the ability to absorb her readers in the story and we can practically imagine the places she describes. And i definitely loved the mysterious Island of Skylge.
I also loved the characters of this book, Enna & Royce a lot. They both are from different castes of the island. Royce is an upper-class-Current-elite and Enna is a curious and rebellious Skylger.

"I've allowed my sad, hungry heart to lead me astray and make me fall for the wrong guy."

It has an adequate amount of romance, mystery, fantasy and emotions as well.
Definitely looking forward for the next book. :)