Review: Torture to her Soul

Torture to Her Soul (Monster in His Eyes Book 2) - J.M. Darhower
"She didn't ruin me," I say. "She just made me realize there wasn't anything left to salvage in the first place. I died with your daughter, Raymond. I'm the walking dead, and nobody loves a monster. Nobody"

OMG. I Love Him !!!♥♥ I love this Monster :-D
(though its not for the first time but i have recently fallen in love with Naz)
my God, after reading this series I am sure I ll start falling for criminals :-P
It was a fantastic book. A page turner just like the first book in this series. It didn't feel dragging at any point. It was like, a world was constructed around me, Naz's world. And it was too fascinating to indulge in this world. It was very well written, full of emotions and feelings. Just simply Perfect !

"Perfection doesn't exist," It's a mask people wear to conceal their ugly truths. Never trust someone who only ever smiles at you"

P.S. The quotes as in Naz's dialogues were really good..!
recommneded to everyone !
Naz ♥♥♥