Finding Home

Finding Home - Reagan Hollow 4 DARK CLUB STARS
I am still surprised to know that this is a debut novel by the author, although throughout the book one cannot say that it is a first book by an author. I pretty much liked her way of writing and her character building as well..
This book starts with the story of a small town girl Lacey, who then shifts to Seattle due to some incidents in her life. She has been through tragic events in her past as well but finally when she overcomes all these circumstances and settles in Seattle where she meets Amber her roommate and Cory, Amber's boss...
Oh i loved Cory Lewis sooo damn much man..! Cory is the owner of a bar and yesss! you can guess what a hot personality he can be..!
The book was quite suspenseful and page turner, (Im not gonna spoil it at all). Because I myself went in this book blind, and i really enjoyed it.
But it was a cliffhanger and i hattteeee it...!! Can't wait to read the next book now!
Highly recommended..!