Fall Back Skyward

Fall Back Skyward - Autumn Grey "You make me feel safe.
You make me a better person.
You silently entered my life, swept me off my feet and I fell truly and madly in love wth you.
I want nothing more than to fall back skyward with you."

Wow...What an emotional roller coaster.! I am soooo glad i read this book OMG i loved it i loved it i loved.
Okay okay..i have to stop babbling. But.... this is one the most beautiful books I've read so far.
Some one said, if you loved Archer's Voice you'll love this one too and boy I LOVED ARCHER'S VOICE and pleaseee no compromise with that book ! But this book....it truly justified the statement. !!!
I did love this book.

First of all, the Blurb.. Wow what an intriguing blurb it is that you just can't stay away from reading this book. And throughout the book i was right at the edge of my seat.

This book
Wrecked Me
Broke Me
Mended Me

This story of Cole & Eleanor is a heart wrenching story about second chances. Second chances after years had passed, with demons of their past capturing their lives.
This book is full of emotions, tears, angst and LOVE !!
I was totally engulfed in this story. it made my heart ache for Cole & Nor. OMG you're gonna cry ugly tears, you've been warned !! HAHA but you'll love it i bet :)

Highly recommended