Make Me Believe

Make Me Believe - Karen Ferry 4.5 Sweet Geeky Stars

It was such a beautiful read. A sweet, romantic and strong book that keeps you engulfed completely in the story. The kick-ass sassy Emma with tattoos and piercings, having one night stands with no strings attached, running from the demons of her past, meet Daniel the sweet yet hot Geeky guy.

He somehow convinces Emma to be his tutor and in return agrees to be her fake boyfriend. But the fate has made some other choices for them.
The story was quite different and unique. Even the characters were also very different from what I have been reading nowadays.

Daniel was far more different from the typical Angry-alpha-bossy-fighters. He was a sweet yet HOT HOT HOT Geeky guy. I LOVED HIM !!
I loved Emma's character as well.. The strong independent girl she is, i just loved her whole heartedly !

Amazing book. Full of love, life, emotions and intensity that will keep you stick to your Ereader !