Circuit Heart

Circuit Heart - D. S. Wrights I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review


This was a fantastic book, i mean completely amazing! Once again, author D.S Wrights has done a superbilicious job (yeah i know that's not even a word in dictionary LOL) and has proved her outstanding writing skills.

This book touched me in do many ways i can't express in words, it was such a page turner I couldn't put it down.

I had so many emotions gripping me throughout the read. Oh it's magnificent.
I liked the story line, I have read this concept for the first time, A Robot, An Android, ohh I loved it. I strongly believe that author D.S.Wrights has this quality of versatile writing, all her books are very different from what we usually read.

The story is about Karissa Larke who has lost her twin brother in an attempt of kidnapping and her mother who attempts suicide, when Karissa was only 11 years old. She is the only daughter of a billionaire, owner of Larke Robotics. He designs a Robot as a bodyguard for Karissa, named Adrian. I LOVED him. Her life is tough, she is too lonely, too scared to form relationship with anyone...Except HIM. Except Adrian
As the story progresses their relationship builds up into something more than they were meant to be. It was impossible to have a relation they had, in a world they lived in.

"Even though we know that the odds are against us, even though we know that the risks are too high, we go for it anyway, because we want it, because we need it. We need to believe that the good thing will happen"

I liked the chemistry between the characters. The way Adrian cares for her, protects her, understands her, the pain they feel for each other, it touched my heart.

"No one can take me away from you,
and no one can take you away from me."