Ella's Love

Ella's Love - Jasmine  Lee 4.5 loving Stars

Wow..this was a pretty nice book. I loved Ella and Marcus's story and their chemistry as well. I read it in one sitting. This was a ver nicely written soft romance book. I loved the way Ella and Marcus meet, then they go their own way and once again fate brings them together. Now you have to read it yourself to know what happens after that. The ending was a bit unexpected for me as well but overall I liked this book. I would love to read the next book by this amazing author.
I received a copy of this book for an honest review so honestly this was a really nice book but I just had a little little little dislike for the cover, the cover of this book a bit dull and wasn't catchy which makes you think that the book is also dull and slow but that's wrong. The book is completely opposite.. Quite refreshing and full of emotions.
Good luck to the author Jasmine Lee for her next books ;-)
Recommended to all romance lovers <3