Miss Taken

Miss Taken - Cleo Scornavacca 5+++ Miss Taken Stars
I simply loved this book !!!
I loved Dominick, and i loved Dominick and I truly damn loved Dominick..!!

Oh yeah sorry moving on, the story was really good. The plot twist was very well executed and characters very well defined. It's a shock to me but I read this identical twins theme for the first time and i pretty much loved it. The whole credit goes to the author, the story was so strong I just can't put down my Ipad.. It was a complete page-turner. It hooked me right from the very first page.

I was in that state of mind where we need a break from reading, but this book..!!! It completely changed my mind. I loved it. I desperately want to read the next book and then every other book written by Cleo :)

Rain and Raven are identical twins. They look completely alike but yet they are totally different from one another in nature. Raven is stubborn, she is a lawyer following her father's steps while Rain is a professional photographer.
Rain is kidnapped by this most charming, hot, sexy, dominant yet incredibly sweet man ever alive(in books) named Dominick..! uhh... i don't need to start about Dominick! Yeah i LOVED him :P
Yes, Rain is kidnapped but by mistake, she is abducted instead of Raven. She is Miss Taken !!
Here i must say i loved the title of the book, suits perfectly to the story !

Now you need to read this book to find out what happens next..! Will Dominick be able to take his Revenge? Or will he fall for the reckless, carefree, beautiful lady he reached to by mistake?

i enjoyed this book, okay now i am off to read the Book 2.
Thanks to Miss Cleo Scornavacca for providing me both the books to read and cherish without waiting :)
Recommended to everyone.