Havoc - Autumn Grey 5 HOT HOT STARS

First of all PARIS....!!! The only place i wish to visit once in my lifetime!
I was very much interested to read this book when i came to know that its set in Paris.
I was hooked upon it from the very first page. This book is a complete package I mean really a complete compact powerful package of Romance, Steamy chemistry, mystery, a dashing dirty mouth hero and a strong heroine with all those emotions weaving through.

Remington...!!! Oh that hot hot man ! I couldn't get enough of him.
"Never trust a man when he says he just wants to kiss you."

"If one little dimple drives you insane, wait until you see the second one."

While Selene was a perfect character to match up with this smartass guy.. I liked how the author has introduced Selene as a curvy woman when all the stories around always have those sexy, slim. smart heroines which just sound unfair to me :( I needed that inspiration at the time haha. :p

What a passionate chemistry they both had. The ending is a minor cliff but it didn't bother me because i had all three books on my shelf and all the time in the world to read !

Amazing book, intriguing story and a GOOD MAN TO DROOL OVER ;p