Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue - Mia Asher WHAT.THE.HELL. What the helly hell !!! Such a aghdhskslamshxy Cliff !!! Aarrgh.. !! Hate it Hate it (Not actually) !! For the love of God please publish the next book soon !! :-( :-(
Well, the book was great, nice, um...a bit of too much sex and less story, felt like it was going in a rush, but i guess it will get better in the next book. I loved Ronan's character a lottt !!! And one more thing that didn't connect to me was that Lawrence was way tooooo rich :-P A millionaire + billionaire + trillionaire !!! :-P I mean it should be atleast a bit close to acceptable-fictional-reality. :D Apart from that it was a good start to a great upcoming series.