The Beast and Me

The Beast and Me - D.S. Wrights 4.5 STARS

It was something very different from what I usually read!! And I loved trying out this new 'genre' i must day. It was dark, erotic, suspense and everything you want in a perfect read.
The writing was very appreciative. It was dark and erotic with physical violence but it didn't feel nasty at all. The choice of words was very decent. Yeah i know, physical violence and decent? weird right? But that's the quality of this writer. You must read it to find out yourself :)

The story starts with the abduction of a girl name Meghan, Meg. She is abducted from her dorm, for the purpose of helping her kidnappers to tame the Beast they call "Ten" . She is presented to the 'subject' aka Ten and is demanded to be obedient for her survival and for gaining some benefits. One of these privileges that she asked for was A Diary. And she is granted! She writes everything that happens there with her in that diary of hers.

During her 'sessions' with that beast, she realizes that she is the only one who is able to control and understand that beast. And she soon realizes that this beast has some feelings, emotions, he is not only an animal. The way those people are treating him is cruel. Those people are the actual monsters. And she decided something!

You should read Meg's diary to find out what she faces and goes through during her time in that weird unknown place with the monsters in the face of humans.

This book ends all of a sudden, i felt this and asked the author and she told me the fact that "A Diary ends this way." Yeah i forgot that. Most of you will also feel so, and may be you won't ask the author, you'll just down-rate the book. But this book has a sequel for all the unanswered questions :)

Recommended to anyone who likes dark books.
Note: It contains physical violence and 18+ material.