Free Falling

Free Falling - G.L. Chapple WOW... 4.5 Free Falling Stars

Marcus.... OMG i am sooo much in love with him.
This is my first book by Gemma Chapple and I met Marcus for the first time but now I really need to read the first two books of this series too. I can't wait to know what was it that left Marcus so broken and angry with the world!
The characters are very well built and the story was very beautiful. I loved this book so much i can't tell you... I loved the emotions this book holds within it. With every page i was more and more in love with it.
Marcus and Maddie both are broken souls, They meet each other and find a new way towards the path of love. This story is about moving on, not to give up, to keep faith and to love again.
Loved it.