Heat - Lis Lucassen Another great effort by Jen Minkman, she did the translation of this pretty amazing book and gave us the opportunity to read it.
The Author, of course has written a great story. It sucked me in from the beginning and i just couldn't put it down. I am a fan of Lis Lucassen now, and thanks to Jen that i am able to read her book.

The story and writing was very appreciative and sooo real i could feel myself around all the events going on. I loved loved loved the characters of Dan and Lynn. They were the two broken people, running from their past, that followed them like nightmares, being a survivor of attempted suicide and a witness to a serious crime. I felt like i was in their world. feeling all the tensions all the heart breaking emotions. Their relation was very beautiful and i loved the chemistry between them.

An amazing read with a unique story!