Defiant: A Dystopian Collection

Defiant: A Dystopian Collection - Mara Li, Jen Minkman, Lis Lucassen It was a pretty good book actually.. I personally never read short stories but it was truly a great experience. The stories were very well written, beautiful and ...simply perfect. No unnecessary sentences, no lengthy descriptions, perfect amount of emotions and events taking place.
I would rate all three stories individually with a perfect 5 stars :)
It is the first time i read a book by Mara Li and Lis Lucassen. Both the stories by these authors were very interesting. I have read Jen Minkman before. And i would really appreciate the efforts of Author Jen Minkman who translated these beautiful stories in English and provided us to read :) I really like this author for her writing skills and now for this new translation skill is like an extra gem in her :)
Great efforts by Jen Minkman.