Crushed (A Redemption Novel)

Crushed (A Redemption Novel) - Lauren Layne

My Review:
5 Heart-breakingly Beautiful Stars

This book was just as good as the first one in Redemption series, "Broken." I became a fan of Lauren Layne's writing right after i finished Broken, and that's the reason i couldn't resist to read this new book in this series.
It was a breathtakingly beautiful read. The emotions incited in this book were so genuine and touching that they just shattered me.
This book kept me up till 5a.m, it made me laugh and it made me cry like a kid. This book was complete package. I like the subject and the chemistry between the characters.

The story is about broken and disturbed guy Michael St. Claire, been through the agony of identity crisis when he learnt that his real father is not the one who has brought him up for 24 years.
There he leaves for Cedar Grove, Texas, to find out about his Biological Father where he meets Kristin, a stylish, smart, all 'look but don't touch' type, who loves to move men around her finger, who's unfortunately dating Michael's half-brother. And her sister Chloe, a curvy, overweight, all-time-eater with a great sense of humor who secretly admires Michael's half-brother too. Twisted right? But this is a book you need to read...!
You need to see their journey of realizations, redemption and reaching their goals.

I loved the character of Chloe a lot. I mean i totally loved her. More than Michael. He was such a loser at some points, can't even fight for himself but still he was right in all his way..!

I loved the ending too much. The author did the best way to end this story. This book was a complete page turner, kept me hooked right from first page. ! Beautiful just beautiful...

This is a standalone but the character from Book 1 have some appearance and role to play. This is a must read.
Highly recommended.