Cruel Boundaries

Cruel Boundaries - Michelle Horst I am sitting here, thinking what to write in review for this book.. Yes, THIS book.
I am clueless, I am speechless I don't think any words can do a justice to THIS phenomenal book.
Can we give a 10+ Stars? IT IS A 10+ STAR READ

[a:Michelle Horst|5242987|Michelle Horst|] has once again done an amazing job in this Genre, Dark Romance. I mean she has completely nailed it. It was so dark, so raw, so gritty yet sensational that I am still dazed by this book and the emotions enfolded in those pages. The impact this book created around me was so strong that every time i opened it, I was totally engulfed into it, being a stranger to the world around me.

The story starts with Amy and Noah, who are cousins, but always fight like cats and dogs. They have this unreasonable rivalry between them since childhood.

Amy is the 'Angel' to her Dad, always protected and pampered, her parents' only child.

Noah is the young, smart, charming guy who is self-dependent and on the top of every girl's wishlist.

But Noah is an adopted kid, and Amy uses this as a weapon against him, never missing a single chance to taunt him while Noah tries every possible way to give her back right into her face. But their relation is cute and loveable for me :)

One day Amy is forced to move with Noah in another city for her studies which is too tough for her as she hates Noah, well the feeling is mutual from Noah's side as well. But something strange happens during her stay at Noah's apartment which is too dark and raw. Amy is threatened to be killed......
"I actually took a leap of faith and he threw it back in my face! I will never go to Noah for anything. I’m done with hoping there could be more than hate between us."


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So without giving too much away I just want to wind up this review, though i have a lot of things to say. This book is so full of emotions, its a complete roller coaster if sentiments. One moment you're in awe, the other you are on the edge of your seat, but you'll not be able to put the book down.

It was such a page-turner i just couldn't resist to devour it all in one day. Amy and Noah's relationship was very unique and strong.



All the books by Michelle Horst that I've read so far have this quality that they are so 'to the point' and interesting, keeping the pace normal and making it a complete page-turner. She avoids including unnecessary descriptions, character appearances and adding senseless details just to add pages to the book. (But when she adds character, you'll be thrilled) Okay Okay i'm not spoiling :)

Her books are very concise and the selective words woven into emotions is just beyond perfection. This woman is truly gifted.

Loved this book beyond the words can express. Its one of my All Time Top Favorite.

Highly Recommended to all those weirdos like me, who love DARK BOOKS.
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