Beautiful Monsters

Beautiful Monsters - Cynthia Ogren 4.5 Stars

"Beautiful Monsters" was an awesome read. The story was perfect. Very well-written. It was quite different from the stories we generally read. Its not your common Erotica. It was too good to keep you gripped right from the first page till the end in your urge to know what happens next.

Riley Rinaldi is very beautiful but she thinks that's the only thing that makes men attracted towards her. She is a make-up artist. One day she crosses paths with an actor Keller Cross. They fall for each other but their relationship can't go smoothly because Keller is already married.
Riley and Keller both have their secrets, both have their past to face. Will they be able to forgo their past and unite? Will their relationship work?

You need to read this book to find what happens in this amazingly sewn story!
(I received a free copy by the author in exchange of an honest review)